Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dehumanization Wheel (Video) + Free Download

It be Saturday the 14th of July and KingBathmat has released another new track "Dehumanization Wheel". Accompanying this new musical offering is a video no less! Yes, that's right, A VIDEO! At last, a sequence of moving images cut in co-ordination to the musical emanations of KingBathmat.
"Dehumanization Wheel" is the first new track from KingBathmat's 7th Album, which is as yet untitled. "Truth Button", (kingbathmat's 6th Album) was only released last month so at this rate it should come to pass that KingBathmat shall have procreated and pushed out 2 albums this year through their musical birth canal.
Dehumanization Wheel Mp3 - Free Mp3 Download (for a limited time only) -

Dehumanization Wheel Video

Dehumanization Wheel Poster