Thursday, 3 January 2013

KingBathmat - Truth Button - CD available 21st January

The Cd Release of "Truth Button" will be available worldwide from 21st January.
You can now pre-order the CD from Amazon,, HMV etc, it will also be digitally available from all the usual digital platforms such I-Tunes, spotify etc.

Pre-Order HMV

Or if you can't wait for the 21st of January just buy it directly from us at bandcamp and get it early before release date
KingBathmat - Truth Button CD - Bandcamp - £7.99

Recent Reviews of Truth Button
"The first great prog album of 2013 and it's a stormer" liverpoolsoundandvision 

"'Behind The Wall' might be the best lead off epic I've heard in years." - wideningeye

"delightfully eccentric. It is a towering achievement and a joy from start to finish. " sonicabuse

"As a whole, “Truth Button” is one of the best Progressive releases we have reviewed in the last few months." infernal masquerade

“Truth Button” will be your Winter Solstice record" - "KingBathmat is way too bright musically" PMM

"Art in Music" - rockmetalessence 

" Just when you think that you’ve heard it all along comes a disc like Truth Button. Kingbathmat create a truly unique sound that never goes where you expect it to"
jerrylucky progressive rock files

 "This is a fantastic piece of independent, alternative/progressive rock music. And I haven't even heard the bonus tracks you get for your fiver. Now 9s out of 10 are normally reserved for albums that make our top five but this year has seen so many cracking releases that I'm moving the goalposts somewhat and giving 9s for stuff that makes my top ten. This has done just that, by a country mile." 9/10 DPRP

"Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta and Radiohead are some of the best known groups keeping progressive rock up to date and with the times. KingBathmat (a name as odd as any you're bound to come across) aligns themselves with this forward thinking trend in progressive rock." progarchives

"Truth Button is an album that impresses instantly and then reveals more and more with each listen", "superb release" - adequacy

"an amazing amalgam of hard-to-define influences ranging from Pink Floyd, The Beatles and The Beach Boys to Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters and Spock's Beard" - 9/10 - sea of tranquility

"a well written, smartly composed collection of songs that will keep your attention from the first note and keep you hanging until the final seconds have ticked by" mass-movement