Friday, 18 November 2011


If you would like to donate a small amount of moolah in order to display your appreciation, to acknowledge, or to encourage the continued production of music by KingBathmat, then you will find below a donation button that will allow you to proceed in such a manner.

Why should you donate?
Of course there is no legitimate reason for you to donate, yet we plan to release all future recordings for free, and as a busker would actively leave an upturned hat on the street in front of him as he performs in the hope of a gratuity (a tip) from a generous passerby, so this page acts as it's virtual equivalent. Any donation no matter how small is a symbol of acknowledgment, an act of hospitality that displays to us that you value our music and is an active encouragement for us to continue producing this music. In the interest of balance and equality If you dislike the music of KingBathmat and would actively like to discourage the further production of their music the only alternative you have available to you is to post derogatory comments upon our posts.

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