Thursday, 17 November 2011


Looking for a free mp3 download?, well, your first port of call should be at our reverbnation exclusives page at

We do offer a lot of our music for free a certain times, yet there is a back catalogue of 6 albums available to buy at our bandcamp page at

Feb 26 2012
Dives And Pauper Mp3

Feb 06 2012
The Book Of Faces Mp3

Jan 21 2012
The End Of Evolution mp3 256kbps
Direct Download from soundcloud -
The End Of Evolution by kingbathmat

Jan 06 2012
Abintra mp3 256kbps
Direct Download from soundcloud -
Abintra by kingbathmat

1 comment:

  1. tou just got a new fan. love this, part qotsa/masters of reality, part porcupine tree, tiny little trace og grunge, awesome prog dosage.really balanced act, will buy everything